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Next Chapter is a transformational life coaching program designed to help you move from where you are to where you want to be with intention and purpose. This unique program pairs two powerful tools, the Energy Leadership Index (ELI) and the Enneagram. Determining your Enneagram allows you to identify your core strengths, weaknesses and motivations and the ELI helps evaluate the level of energy you are operating from. Together they provide new insights and heightened awareness. Next Chapter offers this transformational service through individual coaching sessions or through active participation in a virtual group session. Next Chapter is designed to work through your fears and self limiting belief and raise your emotional intelligence, develop authentic communication skills and elevate your future by designing a clear vision for your life and an action plan to make it happen. 

Morning Coffee

Individual Coaching

A personalized coaching program designed to define and build the roadmap to your best life.


Community Coaching

A unique coaching program offered through a series of virtual trainings within a supportive community.

Bouquet of Daisies

Enneagram & Energy

Discover your Enneagram and ELI profiles to gain awareness and  compassion for yourself and others.

Turn the page

You are only one decision away from living a completely different life. Start your next chapter now.

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